About Us

Collab is a growing community of practitioners from Turkey who believe in the generative power of collaboration. We model and support collaboration through the open stakeholder events we hold regularly, which we call CollabDay.

The Collab Story

CollabDay was initiated by Lara Toensman and Işılsu Vural as a platform to share our vision of collaborative leadership. In October 2014, we hosted the first CollabDay event at StudioX Istanbul. Our aim was to create a space to host meaningful conversations with diverse set of people across the sectors. We wondered, “What happens when passionate people get together in a collaborative setting? What actions and connections could emerge from just one afternoon?”

With 60 people attending the first event, the CollabDay concept came to life. The format of each event continues to evolve around new questions and with wider participation. The CollabDay events continue to create a space for stakeholders to come together to meet, connect, reflect, share ideas, find collaborators, gain new skills or get inspired.

We are noticing that people from all sectors and ages are interested to experience different forms of organization where purpose, passion and diversity are central. We recognize that people are seeking a new way to collaborate and work together on tackling meaningful challenges. CollabDay is an experiment with using new tools and techniques for coming together around a shared theme. We offer a forum to come as yourself, a place to reflect and learn, and a space to build authentic connections. CollabDay is an experience of participative leadership.

What participants say?

“How can you turn a group of people who don’t know each other into a community? And this, in four hours – with people from academia, private sector, ngos and other areas of work. With Lara Toensman and Işılsu Vural we experienced this transformation at Studio-X. We entered the experience as people who don’t really know each other, other than being acquainted with each through our work, by the end of the four hours we were able to match faces with names and beyond that we were able to talk to each other from the heart” – Cihan Koral Malak, from the article in the Ekoiq magazine http://ekoiq.com/birken-cok-olabilir-miyiz/

The CollabDay Approach

No two events are the same. Each CollabDay team is different and each event is dedicated to a theme and a calling question determined together by the team.

We do not want to just host experiences, but we would like participants to become part of shaping the experience too. That is why each CollabDay team consists of 2-3 experienced Collab facilitators as well as alumni of former CollabDays who volunteer to support the next stakeholder event. We are continuously inviting diversity into the hosting team to keep us fresh and to ensure we always have diverse perspectives and skills.

We are using primarily Art of Hosting and other participative methods and tools to design the CollabDays. Click here to learn more.

CollabDay is open to everyone who is driven to create change and looking for a space to build authentic connections as well as practice self-reflection. The CollabDays are offered without any participation fee. In spirit of gift economy a contribution is appreciated for the continuation of future events. Registrations are taken via email. The number of participants for each event is limited to 40 people.

The Collab Team

Meet the Collab Team

It is the intention to build the community of facilitators and to invite alumni to experience their collaborative leadership not just as a participant but also as a supporter or facilitator. There are many benefits to join the team, e.g.

  • CollabDay facilitators gain an invaluable experience about how to design and host collaborative leadership events
  • The Collab facilitators’ team regularly meets together to learn, reflect and develop competencies – individually and as a group
  • We share knowledge and learning we have individually gained from attending international events and share the expertise in the group with each other. Click here to learn more.

Are you interested to join the Collab Community?

You can express your interest to volunteer and become part of the core team as facilitator or supporter via this online form.

We look forward to hear from you, or to meet you in person at the next Collabday event.