Allianz CollabDay #2

Hosting Team

Işılsu Vural

Founder, SouLink Consulting

Özlem Özer

Internal Communications Manager, Allianz Türkiye

Ceren Satış

Corporate Claims Supervisor, Allianz Türkiye

Ahu Ekşi

Head of Compliance, Allianz Türkiye

Bengü Bayramoğlu

Head of Bancassurance and Campaign, Allianz Türkiye

Sezai Onur

Sales, Allianz Türkiye

Pelin Mutlu Yavuz

Corporate Sales Uzmanı, Allianz Türkiye
Allianz CollabDay #2 Invitation

Collab Gallery

Allianz CollabDay #2

26 July 2016

At this CollabDay, we aimed to hear common/different perceptions regarding the change process. We also wanted to make both the vision and the everyday business reality visible so that we can collectively assess what needs to be done and what we need to become. Executive Board members Melike Demirel, İlkay Özel and Burçun İmir’s powerful presence and commitment made the CollabDay even more effective. ‪#‎collabday ‪#‎allianzturkiye