CollabDay #1

Hosting Team

Ahmet Eren Öztürk

Sustainability Consultant, s360

Ayşe Nur Özcan

Project Coordinator, Sosyal Dokuma & InnoCampus

Emre Salkım

Sustainability Communication Consultant, s360

Işılsu Vural

Founder, SouLink Consulting

Lara Toensmann

Founder, LTC Consulting

Mert Çetinkaya

Koç University International Programs Office

Özgür Önal

Facilitator, Anadolu Jam

Semih Boyacı

Co-Founder, Impact Hub Istanbul

CollabDay #1 Invitation

Collab Gallery

22 October 2014 @StudioX Istanbul

We said in our first invitation “We believe that impact cannot happen in isolation, it requires collective action”. We called together all the passionate change makers across the different networks to come together and asked, “What happens when passionate people get together in a collaborative setting? What actions and connections could emerge from just one afternoon?”

60 individuals from various backgrounds and sectors came together to host meaningful conversations and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Graphic Harvest by Emre Salkım

What Participants Say

Article in EKOIQ (December 2014 Edition)

An article by Cihan Koral Malak in the EKOIQ magazine about her CollabDay experience

Cihan works as Innovation and Sustainable Development Manager at Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri (VitrA/Artema). In her article she points out ways of implementing participative methods that she has experienced in the CollabDay in companies.