CollabDay #3

Hosting Team

Berivan Mine Ferhanoğlu

Founder, Anlamlı İşler

Cihan Koral Malak

Innovation and Sustainable Development Manager, Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri (Vitra/Artema)

Deniz Üçok

Graphic Design, denizucok

Işılsu Vural

Founder, SouLink Consulting

Lara Toensmann

Founder, LTC Consulting

Özgül Öztürk Aksu

Founder & Green Architect, A Mimarlık

Yeliz Mert

Sustainability Consultant, Medina Works & City Changemaker

CollabDay #3 Invitation

Collab Gallery

21 February 2015 @Kolektif House

40 individuals from Companies, Social Enterprises, NGO’s, Public Sector, Academia and Sector Associations came together on Saturday, February 21 to inquire into “What is meaningful work? What are the meaningful roles we may collectively play in manifesting the world we wish to live in?”

Graphic Harvest of the day by Berivan Mine Ferhanoğlu

What Participants Say

Hande Arcan:

“As a result of the 3rd CollabDay that took place yesterday at Kolektif House, I was able to get a clearer view on my insights about my place and role in the changing system. I thank everybody – Cihan Koral Malak, Işılsu Vural, Yeliz Mert, Özgül Öztürk Aksu and Civan – who made this experience possible.

My friends from the small group sessions, Burcu Eginlioglu and Beril, it was a pleasure to meet and have conversations with you.”