CollabDay #5

Hosting Team

Cenk Doğru

Change Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Consulting Doğru

Işılsu Vural

Founder, SouLink Consulting

Fulya Sönmez Doğrusöz

Founder, Leadium+Partners Consulting

Özlem Özer

Internal Communications Manager, Allianz Türkiye

Mine Turalı

Personal Development and Career Coach

Supporting Team

Melih Boyacı

Student, Bahçeşehir University

CollabDay #5 Invitation

Collab Gallery

12 December 2015 @ StudioX Istanbul

Today we experienced the magical gift of wisdom gained through storytelling. We were 30 people from different sectors and with various experiences who embarked on a discovery journey around this question: How can we collaborate to achieve creative solutions and learn from each other even in situations where values are at a clash?

We told each other real stories from our own lives where we experienced the two elements in the calling question: “conflict and collaboration”. We listened to the storytellers among the participants. We listened to the pivotal points in their stories, the characteristics of the hero in the story, the conflicting values, and the needs behind those values. When we were done with harvesting the deeper wisdom behind all the stories we found the most valuable gifts: In the heat of the conflict let go of your “role” and find a moment where you are truly honest with yourself; what are you admitting to yourself about you and your contribution to the conflict; express this with integrity. This will create a common ground with the person you were having the conflict with.

We came to understand that only if we are truly in touch and honest with ourselves we can really “hear” what the other person is saying, demanding or defending. Once we “hear” each other and we have found an emotional common ground with our conflicting partner then we are ready to collaborate on some courageous and determined actions. Yes, you’ve heard it! We do all of this with the very person we had so much conflict with.

This time around, instead of graphic recording, we used the wisdom of the stories, words and our body language to harvest and collectively make sense of the outcomes of CollabDay #5.

What Participants Say

The Greatest Gift of CollabDay #5

On the 12th of December, Özgül was one of our storytellers. Following CollabDay’s calling question she told us a story where she had conflict and collaboration at the same time. She told us her struggling but rewarding journey in a “far far away village” of her father and grandfather. How this little village in Anatolian has become a container for her desires, courage, and skills and helped her find a new bound to her heritage.

We’ve just learned that Özgül’s project “Life Anew in Nimri” was singled out as the best project in the category “Women of the Soil” by Yves Rocher Foundation. It is incredibly honoring to witness this and it fills our hearts with happiness… Way to go Özgül!